Formative Assessment Tool – Choosing and Integrating the Right Tool in the Classroom

02 May

Anybody who has ever used a digital assessment tool before would know that they offer a meaningful approach of assessing student understanding. Starting with online tests to message charts, formative assessment will be able to add plenty to the classroom, all of which allows monitoring of student development in ways that are more interactive. 

Teachers can take samples of their student population, without manipulating grades, and implement adjustments to future instruction that would accommodate various learning requirements.

The benefits maybe clear, but choosing the right Otusoption can be tough. What works well for a classroom is dependent on various factors. Selecting a formative assessment tool that is most effective for what you need involves a straightforward, three-step process as follows:

•             Determine your ultimate goal. Your choice of a technology-based assessment tool should be based on the end goal that you have in mind. Would you want your elementary-aged pupils to flaunt what they have learned following a lesson? Or is it to implant open-ended questions all through a lesson in high school that you want? When you have established your ultimate goal, you will be able to work backwards to identify which formative assessment tool is going to be most effective. Make sure to read more now!

•             Take an audit of technology. Several formative assessment tools call for every student to work with electronic devices, the rest can be done using a computer or else a phone. Perform a classroom audit to find out the tools that are already accessible for you and think of how such tools will be able to assist you in perform an interactive as well as engaging assessment. 


•             Figure out the needed data. Different formative assessment tools generate dissimilar data. Is it qualitative data that you need from your class, or else quantitative? Are you looking to identify every student who requires assistance, otherwise do you prefer to put your students together according to the assessment results? By understanding the sort of data you need, you will be able to decide on the most suitable formative assessment tool.


A technology based assessment tool can become an indispensable tool for a teacher. Knowing how to choose the right educational technology, in addition to how it can be integrated into the classroom is all you need to do.

As you come up with an approach for collecting and making use of formative assessment data, think of how your life will become easier with the use of technology. Determine your ultimate end goal, take an audit of technology in your classroom (as well as school), and figure out the type of data that will help to improve learning for your students. Watch this video at for more info about education.

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